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Ready 2 Roll Update Log

Post by Cre8r » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:16 pm

This is to keep track of the updates being made to Ready 2 Roll, for those who are interested.

Update 1.1.0: TBD / Not Yet Released
The Below Log Reflects changes that have been completed, and will be in the next update, along with various other changes which will be added to this list as they are completed.
Increased power of the player/ball
Decreased "weight" of in game objects (boxes,barrels, and so forth)
New / Redesigned User Interface / Updated menus
Updated virtual thumb stick controls
10 new box object styles (vary by level)
45 New Gear items
Performance improvements
Minor graphical improvements
Added checkpoints to all single player levels (with the exception of bonus levels as they are not needed)
Added Google Play Games Achievements (32 so far)
Added Google Play Games Leaderboards
Added a new In-Game currency(parts)
New loading screen design
New/Redesigned start screen
Added Ad settings controls/options(for GDPR compliance)

Update 1.0.9: RELEASED Feb 2018
Minor updates to various artwork
Minor bug fixes
Updated start screen

Update 1.0.8: RELEASED Dec 30
Gear - A brand new way to further customize the look and style of your ball.
5 New Holiday themed Levels
A New Holiday themed area to play in
10 New Holiday themed pieces of gear

Update 1.0.7: RELEASED Nov 28
Faster Loading Times - Loading time between levels, and multiplayer levels has been reduced drastically.
Bluetooth Gamepad / Controller Support - Controllers can be used in all menu's, and all gameplay modes.
Update User Interface(UI) - Did a slight overhaul on the ui. Added some new graphics. Added a slide out menu. Reconfigured the main menu, and stats areas. Updated all menus to work with bluetooth controllers.

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