Ready 2 Roll

Are You Ready?

For Non-Stop, High Speed, Action packed Fun?

In Ready 2 Roll you’ll get just that, and much, much more. Slam, crash, and blast in to Thousands of Crates, Barrels, and Glass to earn stars, and unlock unique New Bonus levels.

Complete levels, in two different Gameplay modes, Normal Play & Time Trials. Earn trophies, and Unlock cool New Ad Ons.

Race against the clock to earn in game Coins. Then head to one of the shops, and grab yourself some New upgrades, such as Abilities, Skins, and Tails.






Go Head To Head!

Challenge other players from around the world, and Compete in Turn Based Online Multiplayer matches on 40 exciting levels.

Earn MultiPlayer Cash, and use it to aquire more Plays, or convert it, and use it to purchase New Abilities, Skins, and Tails.

Test your skills, and Sanity on hundreds of challenging jumps, gaps, and obstacles.

Have a Bang, and Blast objects everywhere by slamming in to powerful TnT boxes.


Main Features:

  • Fast paced, challenging gameplay
  • High quality graphics (With user control over level of quality, and aspect ratio)
  • 4 Camera angles, and 2 different Controller layouts (Swipe, or Stick)
  • Bluetooth Controller / Gamepad support (Tested w/Moga Power A(in mode b), and Matricom G-Pad BX
  • NO In App Purchases (Not a one. This game is ad supported)
  • 95 unique single player levels
  • 40 multiplayer levels
  • 5 bonus levels, with 12 variations (Featuring “ZomBall, TnT Time, MazeBall, and More”)
  • Over 50 exciting unlockable, and purchasable Ad Ons
  • 7 unique Zones to play in, Featuring “Scorch, Alpine, Solar, Offshore, Dunes, Hillside, and Holiday”
  • Fun, hours, and hours of Thumb Numbing fun 🙂









Check Out The Trailer!


Available Now for most Android mobile devices:

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