Welcome to the CryoBlog

If your reading this, and you’ve visited the site before, its probably safe to say you’ve noticed the changes already.

The old site just wasn’t doing it for me. It was a super basic html site, and making new posts, and categories was getting to be a pain, so the site has been redesigned, updated, and all that good stuff.

With this update to the site comes a some new content.


Most noticeably, I imagine, is the Free Assets section. A lot of the time while making a game, or working on a random project I end up with “extra” art, and such. Most of the time, I don’t end up using the artwork for anything, and it just sits in a directory till it gets placed among all the other files of artwork past on a storage drive lol.

So I figured why not share it instead.

Hence, the Free Assets section.

There will most likely be more new categories added in the future, and some things may be changed around here, and there. Please be patient with me, as at the moment I’m updating Ready 2 Roll, and working on a second unnamed project, while setting up the new site here.

Hope you all enjoy the new place, and style.

Thanx for coming by, and feel free to stop by the forum, or one of our social media pages, and say hello anytime.


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